Social Distancing Slip Resistant Floor Decals 12 inches X 12 Inches

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Help your patrons and employees remember to practice social distancing with vibrant and friendly visual reminders! Custom designs, logos, websites, phrases, languages, or images are possible upon inquiry. We use High-grade matte air release vinyl made for a no-slip and bubble-free application with a 3mm thick lamination for added protection.

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During application, simply clean the surface, peel the paper backing, and apply the sticker. Removal is easy when the time comes, our pressure sensitive adhesive peels right off!

We have had great results with floor applications in manufacturing plants, office spaces, retail centers, gas stations, office buildings, and a variety of other businesses! Great for vinyl, tile, laminate, and linoleum. We're a small, Veteran-owned business that's taking a hit from the pandemic at hand. We thought the best way we could adapt to keep our employees busy was by helping businesses like yours adapt to the new health and safety protocols. Help us keep working and we'll help you keep America healthy:)

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